In the world of the animals
is a little cat
 the them like a rosenbud
 in a garden.

(Robert Southey)
Breedinformation for our Cattery

The cats are registered in accordance 
with GCCF rules and regulations 
by Genotype and NOT Phenotype. 
I am CFA registered too but even there they are genotyped.

The pedigrees don´t include:
 White breed numbers 2 and 2b,
any Colourpoint, Tabby, Bicolour, Tortie & White (dominant or dilute),
Chinchilla, Shaded Silver or Golden.

Our cats are PKD DNA negative and CFA registered.

Webdesign: Dipl. Comp. Scien.  Simone Mader

I build the website in friendship for my friend
Julie Wilkinson.
She gives my kitten
Silverdance Amadeus - red-smoke male
a wunderful home.

Thank you dear Julie
your webdesigner.


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